With Needle and Thread

With Needle and Thread

8th October 2014

Part of the Magna Carta Embroidery Project, to depict the important historical events that led up to the sealing of the Magna Carta in charter towns throughout the UK, the Canterbury panel of the 12-panel piece has been completed by Rhoda Nevins – a member of the Royal School of Needlework – who was commissioned by Runnymede Borough Council to design and embroider the tapestry. Charter towns include Runnymede, Bury St Edmunds, St Albans, London, Canterbury and Hereford. Other panels depict how the Magna Carta influenced the spread of law and order throughout the world from 1215 to the present day, with panels representing America, Canada, Australia, India and the continent of Africa. An additional panel comprises the shields of the 25 barons who were present at the sealing.
The Canterbury panel features Canterbury Cathedral; the Pilgrim Fathers riding their horses to the cathedral; Saint Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury between 1162-70; Saint Thomas Becket being slain on the altar of the cathedral in 1170, by King Henry and his knights; monks busy scribing the Magna Carta for 1215; Pope Innocent III, who reigned between 1198-1216; and Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury at the time of the sealing in 1215, meeting up with King John.
The project will be exhibited at various events and museums, culminating on 15 June 2015, when the Queen will attend celebrations at Runnymede, where the embroideries are to be displayed. Visit www.facebook.com/magnacartaembroidery 

Discover Your History covered the beginnings of the Magna Carta Embroidery Project in the news pages of issue 52.
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